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Spline Tools for MapMagic

This is an extension for MapMagic, a node based procedural and infinite map generator for Unity. It enhances MapMagic’s capabilities by adding a set of new generators as well as a graph-based state of the world.

The Worlgraph consists of multiple points of interest (POI) like villages, crossings and the like that are placed by new generators following the given ruleset.

All these POI can be connected in multiple ways with lots of configuration options to create roads, trails, and so on.

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  • Scatter POI in the world that meet the specified criteria
  • Connect POI across multiple chunks with lots of configuration options for the pathfinding algorithm
  • Texture & flatten paths
  • Scatter new POI around existing POI and connect them to create villages
  • Flatten area around POI across chunk borders
  • Scatter objects along paths (eg. trees, houses in village)


  • Rivers
  • Compatibility with popular road & river assets
  • Meshes along paths