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Metronome features

  • 10 to 500 beats per minute (bpm)
  • choosable subdivisions (quarters, eighths, tiplets, sixteenths, quintuplets, sextuplets)
  • choosable measure (1-12 quarters or eighths)
  • creation of songs and playlists
  • tap-tempo
  • sound-ticker (type, volume, accent and note customizable)
  • vibration-ticker
  • light-ticker (camera-LED, if supported)
  • main- and sub-ticks can be displayed independently

Network features

  • Wifi (WLAN) or bluetooth
  • server-client architecture
  • the server controls measure and tempo for all clients or provides a song or playlist
  • synchronuous metronome for all devices
  • finetuning for each client possible

No matter if you play guitar, drums, bass or any other instrument, Bandtronome is a metronome for all those, who want to keep other musicians or a whole band in time. It gives you the opportunity to play wireless “on click” wihtout the need of an expensive in-ear monitoring or an clicktrack on the PA. Of course it is also perfectly suitable for single musicians. Bandtronome is for free and 100% without ads.

Please note that Bandtronome cannot replace a professional metronome or in-ear-monitoring system. Smartphones and Apps might not be reliable enough on stage!